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Melilotus (Melilotus) is a perennial plant and belongs to the legume family, which are useful forage crops grown for two millennia. Separate species groups of legumes are cultivated as medicinal herbs. In the simple dialect, sweet clover is usually called burkun or sweet clover.

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Components of a children's swing New

Components of a children's swing

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Echinocereus parkeri Interesting

Echinocereus parkeri

Scientific NameEchinocereus parkeri N.P.TaylorSynonymsEchinocereus parkeri subsp. parkeriScientific ClassificationFamily: CactaceaeSubfamily: CactoideaeTribe: PachycereeaeGenus: EchinocereusDescriptionEchinocereus parkeri is a small cactus with many stems, forming compact mounds or open clumps. The stems are tapering or cylindrical, with 6 to 10 tuberculate ribs, up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall, and up to 2.

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Proper preparation of onion sets for planting in open ground Interesting

Proper preparation of onion sets for planting in open ground

To get a good harvest of onions, many gardeners use seedlings grown from seeds as planting material. Simple preparation and processing before planting will help to get friendly shoots and create protection for the crop from pests or diseases. The measures taken will also affect the growing season and head formation.

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Tagghjate: recovery intervention New

Tagghjate: recovery intervention

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE OLD GEOLOGICAL SITES TO PRESERVE THEIR MEMORIALS San Giorgio Jonico (TA): Renzi, reassuring intervention in the tagghjate area Curated by prof. Giovanni Carafa Monte Belvedere: afforestation, July 2013 (detail), On January 1, 2015 the project for the recovery, safeguarding and enhancement of the tagghjate (old tuff quarries now disused, located in the municipality of S.

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Prosperosa Eggplant Care – Learn About Growing Prosperosa Eggplants Collections

Prosperosa Eggplant Care – Learn About Growing Prosperosa Eggplants

By: Teo SpenglerWhen it comes to growingeggplant, gardeners have had to choose between the bounty ofbig-fruited eggplants and the sweet flavor and firmness of smaller eggplantvarieties. This may be a thing of the past with Prosperosa eggplant seedsavailable. What is a Prosperosa eggplant? According to Prosperosa eggplantinformation, these enormous beauties combine a large, rounded shape with thetaste experience of smaller types of eggplant.

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